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Board and Staff

Who runs FCLCA?

FCLCA is governed by the Friends Committee on Legislation of California General Committee, composed of representatives from Quaker meetings and churches around the state and at-large members, who are both Quakers and non-Quakers.

The General Committee meets annually. At its annual meeting, it appoints the FCLCA Board of Directors and appoints officers.  It also sets the  legislative priorities for our staff and our work with the legislation, and revises policy statements that lay out FCLCA’s positions on the issues.

The FCLCA Board of Directors meets quarterly to oversee the operations of FCLCA.

The FCLCA staff implements the day to day operations of FCLCA and the FCL Education Fund.

FCLCA Board of Directors 2017

Stephen Myers, Clerk (Chair), Sacramento Friends Meeting

James Alexander, Associate Clerk, Redwood Forest Friends Meeting

Vicki Carroll, Recording Clerk, Central Coast Friends Meeting

Genie Stowers, Treasurer, Berkeley Friends Meeting

George Millikan, Berkeley Friends Meeting

Elizabeth Ralston, Santa Monica Friends Meeting

Steve Birdlebough, Redwood Forest Friends Meeting

Carolyn Keys, Sacramento Friends Meeting

Jim Eusebio, Davis Friends Meeting

Karsten Van Sander, Santa Monica Friends Meeting

Peter Neumann, Santa Barbara Friends Meeting

Shelley Tanenbaum, Strawberry Creek Friends Meeting

Norman Skonovd, At-large

Ellen Eggers, At-large




 Jim Lindburg, Legislative Director
Jim is our registered lobbyist at the Capitol and oversees our legislative program.  He advocates directly with legislators and their staffs on many issues of interest to FCLCA, with a special focus on criminal justice reform.  FCLCA’s Newsletter features Jim’s thorough analysis, ranging from California’s budget crisis to our prison system to current ballot initiatives.

You can reach Jim at



Kevan Insko, Director of Program and Organizational Development
Kevan promotes civic engagement by groups and individuals throughout the state on legislation and initiatives of concern to FCLCA . She oversees our communications program, our Action Alert Network, our grassroots advocacy program and our outreach to Quaker Meetings and the public.  Kevan also works with our donor partners – those who wish to contribute financially to assure their voices are heard in Sacramento.

You can reach Kevan at



Dale Richter, Office Administrator
Dale handles FCLCA’s business operations, supports the Board and General Committee, and coordinates our events and meetings. Dale also brings special expertise to our program as he serves as the chair of the Statewide Family Council, an organization representing the families of prisoners which meets regularly with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

You can reach Dale at