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FCL Education Fund


FCLCA’s sister organization, the FCL Education Fund, was created in 1984. The FCL Education Fund supports nonpartisan educational activities that reflect the values of Friends, including research, publications, workshops, and presentations in furtherance of social justice and informed citizen participation in state government. We believe that the people of California should be educated about the issues facing our state and have the tools and information they need to promote positive social change.

FCL Education Fund presents Bring Your Voice - a comprehensive guide to grassroots lobbying and the state legislature

To encourage people to participate in the representative system of government and to help educate them on how to effectively weigh in on state legislation, the FCL Education Fund created  a comprehensive guide called  Bring Your Voice: FCLCA's Guidebook to Grassroots Lobbying and the California Legislature, available online.  For information on receiving hard copies or possible trainings based on the guidebook, call us at (916) 443-3734.

Make a tax-deductible contribution to the FCL Education Fund

Because the FCL Education Fund is a charity with an educational purpose and mission, contributions in support of the Fund are deductible to the extent provided by Section 501(c)(3) if the U.S. Code of Internal Revenue.  Our tax ID number is 68-0062639.  Making a gift of appreciated stock may have tax advantages to you - see more here.

FCL Education Fund Board of Directors 2017

Stephen Myers, Chair, Sacramento Friends Meeting

James Alexander, Vice Chair, Redwood Forest Friends Meeting

Vicki Carroll, Secretary, Central Coast Friends Meeting

George Millikan, Berkeley Friends Meeting

Elizabeth Ralston, Santa Monica Friends Meeting

Steve Birdlebough, Redwood Forest Friends Meeting

Carolyn Keys, Sacramento Friends Meeting

Jim Eusebio, Davis Friends Meeting

Karsten Van Sander, Santa Monica Friends Meeting

Peter Neumann, Santa Barbara Friends Meeting

Shelley Tanenbaum, Strawberry Creek Friends Meeting

Norman Skonovd, At-large

Ellen Eggers, At-large