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FCLCA supports the creation of a universal health care system in which all individuals have access to comprehensive care regardless of income, present or previous health status, employment status, immigration status, or prison status. Read more.

Visit our Action Center to see bills we are supporting in the 2017-2018 legislative session.

Read more about universal health care.

We support

  • Affirmation of health care as a fundamental right.
  • Availability of reasonably priced health insurance.
  • Expansion of public health care programs, especially for young children.
  • Financial assistance for individuals through Medi-Cal.
  • Preventive health care measures such as immunizations, prenatal care, food stamps, and school lunch programs for those in need.
  • Expanded substance abuse education and treatment.
  • Prevention of and protection against environmental threats to public health.
  • AIDS prevention and treatment programs.
  • Repeal of mandatory sentencing laws for possession and sale of drugs.
  • Education for sexual responsibility.
  • The right of women to choose abortion.
  • Adequate resources for humane treatment of mentally ill individuals.