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News and Analysis from FCLCA


FCLCA Newsletter


NEW: Winter 2017

California and Climate Change

2017 Legislative Review


Summer 2017

Building a Movement

Winter 2016

  • California responds to Trump
  • 5 important new bills
  • A Legislative Review of 2016
  • Gains and Losses for Criminal Justice Reform on the Ballot

Fall 2016

Special Ballot Propositions Issue 

Spring 2016

  • The Restorative Justice Issue: What the Research Shows; A Personal Testimony; RJ in Oakland Schools
  • Legislative Update: Criminal Justice Reform Advances
  • Harvest Festival 50th Anniversary!



Fall 2015

  •  SB 260 Brings New Hope and a Second Chance
  • FCLCA's 2015 Legislative Year in Review
  • A Day to Remember
  • Key Reforms to Solitary Confinement

 Spring 2015

  • Clean Water is a Human Right, Not a Privilege - Community Water Center organizes in the Central Valley and at the Capitol
  • Sacramento in the Springtime: FCLCA and the Legislature get to work on key bills
  • Our Community Celebrates "Voices of Conscience"
  • FCL Education Hosts Workshop for San Francisco Friends School Eighth-Graders

Winter 2014

  • Exonerated: How Franky Carrillo and a dedicated legal team overturned his wrongful conviction
  • The Legislative Year in Review: key bills and what happened to them
  • FCLCA's voting record for selected bills:  how did your legislator vote on 13 key bills?

Fall 2014

  • FCLCA's Recommendations on November 4 ballot propositions
  • Legacy Circle adds new members
  • Take the "FCLCA, Ahead of Its Time" Challenge!

Summer 2014

  • The State of California's Children
  • FCLCA Lobby Day 2014
  • California's New Budget
  • Reducing Gun Violence: update on legislation
  • Bill Update 

 Spring 2014

  • Immigrant detention: injustice and abuse - and what you can do
  • FCLCA makes recommendations on June 3, 2014 ballot measures
  • Bills you should know about
  • FCLCA supports environmental legislation
  • Update on solitary confinement

 Winter 2013

  • 2013 Year in Review
  • Key Bills of 2013
  • How did your legislator vote?  An FCLCA scorecard on 10 Key Bills
  • Donor Impact Report 2013

Fall 2013

  • Prisons v. People: Compromise to meet court deadline threatens safety net
  • To keep kids out of trouble - and prison - teach them to understand their emotions
  • Behind the scenes at the Capitol
  • Senate Bill 260 signed into law
  • and more...!

Summer 2013  

  • Davis's Bold New Restorative Justice Program, Neighborhood Court
  • Interview with Attorney Sue Burrell on Juveniles and the Adult Criminal Justice System
  • Bills You Should Know About
  • And More...

Spring 2013

  • California's Budget
  • Key Bills in the 2013-14 Legislative Session
  • Long-term Isolation in California's Prisons
  • SPECIAL SECTION:  CA Responds to Gun Violence

 December 2012

  • Analysis of November election results
  • Report from General Committee Meeting
  • FCLCA's Impact on the 2011-2012 Legislative Session
  • FCLCA's Legislative Priorities for the 2013-2014 Session

July 2012 Special 60th Anniversary Issue -  A Retrospective: Six Decades of Advocacy

 March 2012

  • Cutting Past the Bone: Will more revenue save social services and education?
  • FCLCA Legislative Update – Spring 2012
  • A Bold New Bill Reaches the Senate:  Focus on SB 1506
  • Efforts to Reform Three Strikes
  • FCLCA’s Recommendations for the June 2012 Ballot Propositions
  • Realignment in your County: Pass or Fail?
  • 60 More Campaign – FCLCA  celebrates 60 years and plans for (at least) 60 more

December 2011

  • Can Realignment Set us Straight?  California begins historic shift of incarceration, supervision and parole back to the counties
  • Your Quick Guide to Realignment
  • Dark Days Ahead for California’s Students Families and Seniors
  • The 2011 Legislative Year in Review: what did Jerry Brown sign?
  • Death Penalty Cases not a smart use of limited funds – Gil Garcetti

September 2011

  • Is the End Near for the Death Penalty?  Death Penalty abolitionists aim at 2012 ballot
  • The Testimony of Marietta Jaeger-Lane:  A mother’s spiritual journey leads her to speak out against capital punishment
  • Restoring Lives, Now That’s Justice:  Forty years since prison Patrice Gaines still fights to get free
  • An interview with Jeanne Woodford:  San Quentin’s former warden now takes a leading role in abolishing the Death Penalty
  • Reforming Solitary Confinement at Pelican Bay Prison

June 2011

  • Collections, Cuts and Contention: Budget Stalemate continues as legislative session advances
  • State responds to Supreme Court’s upholding of prison population reduction order
  • A Friend of Justice:  Interview with Dr. Alan Bean
  • FCLCA’s Impact on Legislation

March 2011

  • Reductions, Realignment and Revenues:  California’s leaders grapple with the budget
  • Corrections and the Budget:  FCLCA lobbies for smart cuts
  • Driven to the Draft?  Legislation reintroduced to link driver’s licenses to Selective Service registration