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It's Time to Take Action

You can make a big difference in just 5 minutes.  With FCLCA’s Legislative Action Center, that’s all it takes to learn about the issues and send an email to your elected officials.

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For just $60 a year ($35 low income) you can help bring your voice of conscience to the Capitol. 

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Why Lobbying?


California’s legislators make decisions every year that determine our social policies and how our tax dollars are spent -- the very quality of life in our state.

Our System of Government Gives Us the Opportunity to Have an Impact. But we must act!

Having registered lobbyists at the Capitol means a quick well-informed response to both “good bills” and harmful legislation.

Being this close to the lawmaking process, lobbyists can let activists across the state know the best time to act and the best way to make a difference.

In turn, the Action Network - our network of grassroots activists like you - supports our lobbying efforts at the Capitol.

Impact at Each Step in the Process

You and your “lobby of conscience” can influence lawmaking at each step of the process. Read more about how a bill becomes a law here.

FCLCA may work with other organizations to introduce legislation - this called co-sponsoring bills - and we also weigh in on many other bills during the session, supporting or opposing them.

Good bills” – bills that reflect Quaker values and that further respect for the individual are noticed and supported.

  • When bills are heard in committee, FCLCA writes letters of support and encourages activists like you to weigh in at this critical time (at this stage even 20 letters can have a strong impact).  FCLCA’s lobbyists testify at committee hearings.
  • When bills are being voted on in the Assembly and Senate, FCLCA mobilizes support from its Action Network through online Action Alerts and through online petitions, delegations and lobby days at the Capitol.  We keep our supporters informed through our Action Center.
  • If a bill reaches the governor, FCLCA works with its activists and allies to encourage the governor to sign the bill into law.

Harmful legislation” – can be noticed and responded to quickly.

  • FCLCA can often work with legislative staff and our coalition partners to amend bills in a positive direction.
  • FCLCA mobilizes other organizations and individuals to effectively oppose legislation.  Our lobbyist writes letters of opposition and testifies against the bill at the committee hearings.
  • Our Action Network sends out an alert to our activists asking them to let their legislators know they oppose the bill. We may organize constituents to lobby against the bill at the Capitol or in home districts.

A Reputation for Integrity and Respect

Because FCLCA is not afraid to “speak truth to power” or to take unpopular stands, our role in drawing attention to harmful legislation has been a very important aspect of our political advocacy.

We have also taken a strong role in passing important reforms such as fair housing legislation, farmworker rights and criminal justice reform.

Throughout our seven decades, it has been said that we were “a decade ahead of our times.”

At the Capitol, we’ve built a reputation as a principled lobby group that is respectful of differing opinions, yet always willing to act on conscience, despite controversy or opposition.  That gives us credibility with legislators and their staff.