URGENT: Extend emergency sick leave to workers affected by COVID!

The pandemic continues but emergency sick leave set to expire - tell the Legislature and governor to extend it now

The California Work & Family Coalition urges you to contact your legislators and ask them to extend emergency paid sick leave for those affected by COVID-19.  As we know, the pandemic is not over.  Without an extension, workers will be guaranteed only three paid sick days a year, and that is dangerous for them, their families and the wider community as the virus continues to spread and California is pummeled by the more contagious Delta variant.

Earlier this year, the Legislature passed a bill signed by Gov. Newsom to grant two weeks of emergency paid sick leave for COVID-19 to workers with employers of 26 or more employees. That provision is set to expire soon - on September 30, 2021. California must take action now!  Make sure your legislators hear from you as a concerned constituent.

Please send them a message to take action right away - tell your legislators and the governor to extend emergency paid sick leave and ensure that sick and exposed workers can stay home without risking their jobs and their families' economic security.